December 27 2010

■Keith Gordon DJ set in Taipei, Taiwan

January 22. 2011. The Base, Taipei.

May 4 2010

■Keith Gordon DJ set in Tokyo

Tokyo, Shibuya, Club Air...Friday May 7th "Ryubu night" Keith Gordon from Ryukyu Underground, Ryukyu Disko, Takuji aka GeeTEK.

March 18 2010

■Ryukyu Underground on US iTunes

We often hear that people have trouble getting our albums as, aside from our first album, they aren't released outside of Japan. Here is a full listing of Ryukyu undergroud tracks available for download from the US iTunes site here - great site that collects iTunes (US) links to Okinawan music by Richie from

■Ryukyu Underground on new Buddha Bar XII


One other way to get hold of Ryukyu Underground worldwide is on the new Buddha Bar XII compilation out now from George V records. The featured track is "Umaku Kamade" from our recent "Umui" album. This is the third Buddha Bar comp we have appeared on and as ever with DJ Ravin's collections it is an excellent and eclectic journey.

Eclectic notes too from the George V website "This 12th opus - a celebration of love “à la française” - takes you to a journey through Old Paris and immerses you in the most romantic country in the world. This new release, the fruits of this romantic period, features an artwork dedicated to love and sprinkled with kitsch that will not fail to delight the golden youth worldwide.
Buddha-Bar XII opens the doors on a pink-tinted universe where dreams become reality. In this new compilation, DJ Ravin extracts the essence of the Parisian charm to which he adds avant-garde and spicy elements …..
A first cd - entitled “La vie en Rose” - compiles tracks imbued with sensuality including a kitsch remix of “La Vie en Rose”. A second cd, “Pink me Up”, highlights an electronic music selection skillfully orchestrated with acoustic and live ethnic sounds.
Indulge in a romantic escape with the Buddha-Bar XII compilation, available in stores on April, 6th 2010."

■Power of Okinawa 2nd Edition

"The Power of Okinawa" 2nd edition now available online from - John Potter has extensively rewritten and updated the guide to Okinawan music. Also check out the associated blog
where John will be posting reviews of new Okinawan CDs and live shows of established and emerging Okinawa musicians.

July 27 2009

■Promotion Video for "Umaku Kamade" from new album "Umui" finaly finished and released!


Filmed in June on location in Motobu Town and Chinen Village in Okinawa. The video was directed by Daniel Lopez and shot by Susumu Miyazu.

Ryukyu Underground interview and mix on the always interesting Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw (BBC - Asian Network)

Hear Jon Taylor interviewed and hear a special 20 minute mix of Ryukyu Undergound tunes and influences.

June 9 2009

Press articles on new album "Umui"

Most press we do is in Japanese but here are some recent interviews/features in English

JAPAN TIMES April 24th

SIX DEGREES blog June 1st


■Upcoming DJ appearances (Keith Gordon)

June 20 Sat

"DUSK TILL DAWN" Summer Solstice Beach Party

Okinawa. Miyagi Island, Uppama Beach

7-8pm Keith Gordon (UK) Eclectic Balearic Beach Exotica Vibes

8-9pm Daniel Lopez (Switzerland) Electro Vibes

9-1030pm Satomi (Okinawa) techno

1030-12am DーVine (Germany) Drum and Bass)

12-2am Keith Gordon (UK) Future World Funk/Breaks

2-230am Sancar (Turkey) psychedelic trance

330-5am Takayuki (Okinawa) tech-house, trance

5-7a Morio and Yamada (Okinawa) minimal, tech-house

June 21 Sun

"Sunset Live"

Okinawa, Chatan, Sunset Beach 6:00pm - 9:00pm

- DJ Keith Gordon

- lIVE "'N'jamiI"

- Lighting/Candle Show"Shzucal Wax"




March 10 2009

UMUI - new album due out in Japan April 15th!!



First up big apologies for the lack of news on what we have been up to over the last couple of years. I know alot of people have been wondering where we had disappeared to. We have been steadily making new tunes since the release of our last album Shimadelica in 2006, though both Jon and I have recently become fathers, Jon twice, so this has necessarily taken up alot of time but finally it is here, "UMUI" is our 4th studio album and will be released on Respect Records on April 15th in Japan. You can listen to a couple of tasters on our myspace page. We'll get an mp3 or two up soon here for download so check back. We again recorded with our long time collaborators Mika Uchizato and Toru Yonaha and also Ayano Uema and Natsuki Nakamura who appeared on our last album. As ever the tracks span a wide range of styles - Afrobeat, Lounge, Exotica, Dub, Trip Hop, Dubtronica, and Glitch. The tracks;

1.Kajimaya 2.Miyarabi Yunta 3.Urizun 4.East Town Dub 5.Ahabushi 6.Umaku Kamade 7.Wattatine 8.Zamami 9.Hanjo Bushi 10.Paikaji

Quite a few tracks are based on Okinawan 'Warabi Uta' (children's songs) and there are a couple of classic Okinawan minyo songs.

We will be doing press/radio in the coming weeks and will keep you posted on dates...


Hear new tracks from the album - Keith Gordon x 2 DJ sets April 11th 2009

Downtempo Lounge set @ Rehab, Kokusai Dori, Naha (doors open 8pm~ )

Uptempo Future World Funk set @ 'g' Sakurazaka, Naha (doors open 10pm~ )


rehab back


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